Areas of Practice

To meet the diverse needs of domestic and international clients, S.V.P. Law Firm has successfully established and practiced in various areas:

Corporate and Business Transaction

In commercial and corporate section unit, S.V.P. provides wide-reaching services such as company registration, company license and business permit, transferring company shares transfers, renewal of incorporation registration and license, amendment of memorandum of and article of association, change of shareholders, annual declaration of commercial enterprise, registration of business branch and other corporate services. We understand how importance t of smooth business for the entrepreneurs is; therefore, we put all our efforts to provide the standardized and professional services to every single client who comes to us.

Investment Section

In consequence of the economic growth in Cambodia, investment booms dramatically and laws knowledge and application must be very essential are critical to serve all and become a basic need the basic and advanced needs of the investors in initiating the business as well as all the business transactions. We are enthusiastic experienced in assisting local and international businesses to deal with Council of Development of Cambodia’s requirement and procedure, including but not limited to economic land concession, mining and energy industries, infrastructure, special economic zone, dry port .etc, stock exchange and so forth to deal with all the legal concerns and dispute in order to comply with Cambodian laws and regulations.

Real Estate

S.V.P. provides a wide-range of services to the clients concerning on real estate issues including but not limited to consultation for sale-purchase agreement, pledge and hypothec, ownership and transfer of land or house/apartment real property. We also assist in legal document relating to the immovable project development and management relating to Borey and Condominiums. At S.V.P., we provide the service of drafting and reviewing the contracts on any real property issue, making due diligence, granting construction license, making immovable and long-term lease agreement. We are also assisting foreigners wishing to invest in real estate in Cambodia.

Intellectual Property Rights

This section concerns on copy rights and related rights, trademark, patent and utility model certificate, industrial design and so on. In copy rights strand, we provide the legal consultation and advice on the related issues which include rights of authors, rights of performers, rights of broadcasting organization, deposit and registration of works, transfer of rights. Related to trademark, S.V.P. assists the clients in searching for trademark registration, registration of trademark, renewal and objection the of trademark for the business entities. We also mainly provide the service for registration, correction and objection of patent and utility model certificate.

Banking and Finance

The growth of banking and finance sector creates complicated legal issues. S.V.P. is delighted to bring the problems to an end by advising, consulting and taking other legal action to the commercial bank, specialized bank, micro finance, casino and pawnshop-etc. We handle the numerous banking transactions issues and its related field such as banking registration and license, renewal of banking license, and debt recovery and so on.

Tax and custom

S.V.P. provides tax services to all kinds of industry sectors. Our team is expertised in serving tax and custom advisory, tax registration, tax dispute including tax litigation, business transaction complying with tax regulation, public sector tax consultancy, renewal of tax patent certificate, tax strategic planning and other services related to tax.

Employment and Social Security

With our professional legal practice, our team will provide the clients with adequate advice and solutions to all your concerns regarding to various problems relating to labor law and social security fund law including employment agreement, human resource management, internal regulation and joint convention Collective Bargaining preparation, illegal strike, dismissal of employees, re-organization of company structure, change of company policies and practices and so on.

Civil Case and Social Affairs

The clients can seek the legal solutions from S.V.P. to all the problems concerning with civil cases such as the natural person, the juristic person, real rights, legal obligations, general contracts, torts, debt security and so forth. In addition to the problems above, S.V.P. also provides the legal service for adoption including domestic and international adoption, consultation for marriage between Cambodian and Foreigners, processing marriage application, and property management and registration after marriage, preparing divorce agreement and property division agreement, advisory on wills, drafting wills paper and other succession services.

Criminal Case

In response to the client’s concern relating to the criminal case including both crime against persons and crime against property, we firmly commit to serve each individual by consulting and advising to all the criminal issues, representing and defending the clients at all levels of Cambodian Court, and all related authorities.

Immigration and nationality

In this section, S.V.P also cares about expatriates and local clients relating to immigration and nationality such as the issues concerning to getting Visa, processing Cambodian nationality application, granting residential permit, living and working in Cambodia.

Legal Counseling

With exclusive specialty of each individual in our team, we are proud of S.V.P. provides counsel to counsel all the clients from on every aspect about their personal and corporate legal issues.problem concerning with laws and regulations. Besides that, we also provide general legal opinions based on national and international legal ground to the clients who put their trust on us. S.V.P also counsels and represents the private and public enterprise and other business entity forms in many matters.

Legal Drafting

S.V.P. is expertized in drafting legal documents for numerous firms and companies including garment factories, enterprises, corporates, limited and general partnership companies and NGOs. We study each of your legal context and framework and work to analyze your case in order to achieve the efficient and productive result of your legal drafting document. We also serve as a lawyer to private and public enterprises.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

It is one of the crucial parts of our service providing. We strive for promoting negotiation between disputed parties before proceeding to the authorized court. We understand that litigation is a timely and costly procedure, so we try our best to mitigate the bad consequences of our client’s case. S.V.P. will assist all the clients in their decision making to meet their interests.