Firm Overview

S.V.P. Law Firm is a prominent Cambodian law firm, registered at the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia. We aim at providing adequate legal services to serve every client’s needs, both national and international, both individuals and business entities. We aim at delivering professional and efficient legal services taking into consideration all resources and interest of the clients in term of time, money and reputation. We work to provide standardized and innovative legal services and also enhance its quality to better engage our clients and to make a sense of competitiveness with other local and international law firms.

Our team is a group of experts which comprises of young, experienced and talented professionals.  Our talented and collaborative team fluent in Khmer, English, French and Chinese can help you and your business to thrive. We are delighted to work with the clients on every aspect of laws including Business and Corporates matters, IPR, conflicts resolutions, Real estates, Immigration, NGOs, expatriates living and exercising activities in Cambodia.

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